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Doing the Right Thing

Our Code

We’ve refreshed our Code of Ethics to better reflect the JM we work in today.

Our Code is a framework to help us all to do the right thing. It is, in part, a roadmap to help you find and understand the company’s principles, standards and policies that apply in your work. It is also an expression of our shared values and the way we do business, that will help us work openly, honestly and ethically.

It is divided into four sections: People, Market, Company and Planet.

Throughout our Code you will find information about where to go for help, depending on the topic.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with the contents.

Think carefully about the topics that relate to your role with Johnson Matthey and ask for help if you need further guidance.

Johnson Matthey Full Code Cover

Watch our short video to understand how our Code is there to help you in your work.

Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive

Chief Executive's Message

“It is vital that we all understand what Doing the Right Thing means at JM.”

The importance of Doing the Right Thing hasn’t changed since we first launched the Code in 2015.

At JM, our vision is for a world that’s cleaner and healthier today and for future generations, and our ambition is to be one of the best performing, most trusted and admired speciality chemicals companies in the world.

We can only achieve our ambition if all our dealings with everyone we encounter through our work at JM (whether fellow employees, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders) are not only legal but also ethical and in accordance with our values.

At JM it’s not business at any cost and our Code is there to help.

Robert MacLeod, Chief Executive

Our commitments

Our Code contains six commitments that help guide our decision making to make sure we are Doing the Right Thing.

I commit to understanding and following the principles in the Code
“Making the right decision isn’t always easy, but the Code is really useful when I get stuck.”
I commit to asking for help and Speaking Up when I have concerns
“I feel confident to Speak Up and raise my concerns and I would encourage others to do so.”
I commit to working safely and respecting the rights of others
“At JM, we are all about putting people’s safety first and the Code reinforces that.”
I commit to doing business responsibly, fairly and legally
“For me, it’s all about doing business the right way and not at any cost.”
I commit to protecting Johnson Matthey’s brand, assets and reputation
“I’m proud to work for JM, the company has a good reputation and its values reflect my own.”
I commit to supporting Johnson Matthey’s ambition to build a sustainable business
“Our world is changing and it’s all our responsibility to take care of our company – now and for the next 200 years.”

Making good decisions

You are trusted to make good decisions at JM.

At times though, you may be faced with difficult decisions or dilemmas where it is unclear to you what the right thing to do is. You should apply your judgement and act in accordance with the principles in the Code and our values, taking the time to stop, think clearly about the issue and ask for help if needed.

Speak Up

There are several different channels you can use to ask for help and raise a concern:

  • Your manager
  • HR, Group Legal, Group Ethics and Compliance
  • Other group functions
  • Ethics Ambassadors
  • Speak Up line

Speak Up line

Johnson Matthey provides you with a further means to raise concerns, particularly if you would prefer to do this anonymously (where local law permits this). Our Speak Up line is hosted by an independent third party and provides two methods for you to submit a report:

By telephone:
Refer to for your country's telephone number.